US Saab dealership structure to remain intact

UPDATE: A message to all Saab dealers from JAJ and VM
One of the emotionally charged episodes from last year was the plan to signifcantly reduce the Saab dealership network in the United States.
Back in November last year, 81 of the 218 Saab dealers in the US received letters stating that they’d be Saab dealers no more. The plan was to proceed with 137 of the dealers only, with many of Saab’s oldest dealerships foregone, possibly because they weren’t considered big enough or new enough.
That plan was widely criticised, including here at SU where we did our best to map the remaining dealerships. The good news today is that that map is now considered redundant as Saab dealers in the US have been advised that they will all be retained.
Via email from Djup Strupe:

Today I received an official phone from my GM/SAAB Sales Rep. stating that all dealers in the US will be going forward with the new SAAB Spyker Organization. This is great news.
He stated the obvious that the close on the deal would be mid-February. All dealers in the next few days will be receiving an explanation letter and a packet with a new dealer agreement, floorplan documents etc.
In addition he stated that we would be having an all dealer conference phone call and also in the next few weeks an all dealer meeting in person to go over the details. In addition he stated that there were production schedules and sales estimates formulated and that all dealers would be participating in consensus to replenish our thin grounded inventories.

Victor Muller hinted at this early in his campaign to purchase Saab, so it’s great to see it become a reality.
Saab will need as many dealers as it can get, including the smaller ones that offer such great service to their loyal customers.
I guess it’s up to some of those dealers to choose to retain Saab now. Many of them are multi-franchise and I know that some had already shipped out their Saab stock. I hope they all come on board because Saab need the best distribution network they can get.
Anyway, that’s another piece of good news for the day. Now we just have to figure out how they’re going to tackle distribution in Australia, Canada……..

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