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WELCOME to all US Saab owners who might be visiting here on referral from an email or from your Saab dealer’s website. The information you need is below, so please keep on reading.
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Whilst we can all pontificate as much as we like about possible causes and effects, what’s needed this week is ACTION and the most effective action that I truly believe we can take as owners – small as it is – is contained in this post.
The Saab Dealer Council in the US has suggested that all US Saab owners contact their local representative in order to request that they stand up for their local businesses.
General Motors are currently 60% owned by the US Government.

To All US Saab Loyal Customers and Faithful Employees
A Message from the Saab National Dealer Council:
The first week of January 2010 marks decision week for the future of our beloved Saab: one of the automobile industry’s treasures, a brand of rich heritage, unique engineering and independent thinking. We need to band together and exploit the power of numbers. Below we have provided links where you will be able to find the contact information for your US State Senator and US House Representative.
Contact Info for Officials from the President to State Legislators:
Phone, Email, and Snail Mail for Your Congressional Representative:
Phone, Email, and Snail Mail for Your Senators:
Send an Email to the White House:
Please see below for bullet talking points that are to be used for phone calls and letters to your Senators and House Representatives.

When emailing the document as a letter to your elected officials, please input the name of your Senator/Representative and sign off with your name, contact information and how long you have been a Saab customer.
Best Regards,
US Saab National Dealer Council
Dear Senator or Representative [Name]:
As a tax paying citizen of the United States of America, and by extension a part owner of General Motors, I am contacting you in urgent request for your support in the effort to convince GM to sell Saab Automobiles AB.
It is public knowledge that Spyker Cars has submitted a bid to GM that matches their initial offer for sale as well as submitted a revised bid that eliminated all additional concerns that were raised by GM when they walked away from negotiations and announced the closure of Saab on December 18th. It is also public knowledge that Merbanco and several other companies have contacted GM with strong expressions of interest to buy Saab Automobiles AB. It is clear and evident that a buyer exists for Saab and that the failure of a sale and closure of Saab by GM is entirely unnecessary, arbitrary and unfair. The negative impact of Saab’s closure by GM are numerous and significant.

  1. 218 small businesses across the US will be impaired or put out of business entirely
  2. 5,000 jobs are at risk at the dealership level across the US
  3. The US economy will lose an estimated additional 2,500 jobs that would be added back to the US dealer network after the launch of the all-new 9-5 and the 9-4X and the return of leasing to the Saab product line
  4. Close to $500 million small business assets are at risk of being impaired or liquidated
  5. Saab dealers collectively pump over $500 million into the economy annually via their business expense structure
  6. GM forced the Saab dealer network to sign a Deferred Termination Agreement this summer, which waived the dealers’ rights to State franchise legal rights and remedies to dealership closure by the manufacturer. The dealers signed on the basis of expressions of GM’s good faith efforts to sell Saab AB. If the dealer did not sign, they would be terminated immediately with no compensation and would not have the opportunity to be a Saab dealer after the sale of Saab was complete.
  7. Saab is not competition for General Motors. GM will not lose sales should Saab be sold and continue to produce and market their automobiles. Similarly GM will not benefit by increased sales should GM force Saab to close and go out of business. Since Saab lost its leasing facilities in July 2008, the network lost hundreds of repeat customers per dealership. Consensus among the US Saab dealers is that Audi was the overwhelming beneficiary, followed by Volvo, BMW and other European car makes. Very few if any became domestic car buyers. A few of Saab dealers are among the most successful Cadillac dealers in the country. These dealers have indicated virtually no success in converting lost Saab customers as Cadillac customers.

An alternative exists. GM clearly has a buyer for Saab. They simply need to decide to complete the sale.
Thank you for your time and consideration. Please help us save this iconic brand as well as the jobs and stimulus that it provides our US economy.
Customer Name
Saab owner since

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