US Saabers to rally at the Renaissance Center, Detroit

RenCen.jpg One of the campaigns listed at Saab Campaigns is the possible rally for Saabs outside of GM’s headquarters at the Renaissance Center in Detroit.
This campaign is tentatively scheduled for some time in the next week, possibly on the 7th January. It is being co-ordinated by Ryan over at Saab History.
The mainstream automotive blogoshere seems to have caught on, with coverage over at Autoblog, Jalopnik and a few other places.
That’s a very good thing, but it also creates some expectations.
The onus is now on to ensure Saab gets some good representation at this gathering. I’d urge anyone who can get there to consider getting along, flying the flag and lending your support.
The expectation is that there will be a central meeting point within view of the RenCen to maximise the photo opportunities. Longer distance travellers may get together somewhere along the way, I guess.
I believe local Detroit media will be made aware of the event so you’ll possibly get the chance to state your case for Saab.
Stay up to date with this one over at Saab History and I’ll update the site here as significant advances are made wrt the dates and times.
And for those challenged as to what might look good on TV, Jalopnik have all your Saab apparel needs covered 🙂

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