Victor Muller at ANWC Snippets

MullerANWC.jpg News is starting to filter through from Victor Muller’s presentation at the Automotive News World Congress.
From AFP:

But Victor Muller, founder and chief executive of Spyker Cars said the death knell had not yet rung.
“We have shown Mr. Whitacre the money,” Victor Muller, founder and chief executive of Spyker Cars said.
“We are absolutely definitely negotiating in good faith with GM to buy Saab,” Muller told a conference hosted by Automotive News.
“They are considering offers very, very seriously.”

And from Reuters:
Muller said Spyker wanted to clinch a deal “as soon as practically possible” as the wind-down process had already started. “Effectively nothing has been done in Trolhattan to shut operations down. On the contrary, they’re manufacturing cars there,” Muller added.
“Our deadline is days not weeks,” Muller said. “If this wind-down would continue we would see effects on the Saab brand, and that would be very unattractive.”
Muller said the Swedish government had been “very supportive,” declining to give further details.
“If we would acquire the company we would be hiring rather than firing,” Muller said, as production capacity would need to increase rapidly.
Muller said he hoped to reach a deal this week, but could not say for sure whether this would happen. “Clearly there is a tremendous time pressure to come to a transaction.”
“What we would take as a signal to give up is … if GM would refuse to take our offer, and pursue relentlessly to wind the company down, there is a point in time that you have to say ‘this is no longer for us.'”…..
…..”We’re not interested just to buy into an iconic brand. We’re interested because as a business it should be viable.”
From Twitter:
@AP_Ken_Thomas: Spyker’s Muller says talks ongoing with GM over Saab brand. “Clearly there is a tremendous time pressure to come to a transaction.”
@jen_martinez: Saab purchase would result in one co.- Saab/spyker Dutch automobiles Corp
@jen_martinez: 10% of Saab dealers may be eligible 4 spyker dist, Saab engine capabilities, & finally economies of scale 4 parts purchasing
@jen_martinez: Reasons for Saab – iconic brand, biz plan proves future vitality, allows spyker to keep prod dev in-house, existing Saab distribution ntwrk
@jen_martinez: put together sale proposal that is attractive enough to reverse wind down of Saab … Financing confidential
@jen_martinez: Serendipity… Spyker history in WWI aircraft manufactiring has come full circle with potential Saab purchase

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