Victor Muller on Dutch radio regarding the Saab sale

I’ve just received a bullet list of comments made yesterday by Spyker CEO, Victor Muller, with regards to developments in the Saab sale process.
My thanks to Rogier for sending them through (and apologies to others with the same comments that I might have missed – too much mail).
Yesterday, Viktor Muller gave a six minute telephone interview to dutch news radio channel BNR (Business News Radio).
Highlights of that interview:

  • He is not at all worried about the wind-down going operational (it’s the GM- managements stubbornness)
  • Contrary to earlier news-coverage, he does want to introduce the Saab 9-1
  • The original saab management business plan is the plan his bid is based on
  • He wants to introduce an all new 9-3 in 2012
  • He thinks Spyker cars placed the best bid
  • He likes the fact that Bernie Ecclestone is involved in the Genii bid, it gives him confidence that Saab is a valuable asset with potential indeed.

Dutch-speakers can listen to the interview here.

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