Victor Muller on video from the NAIAS

Ryan at Saab History has managed to get hold of video of Victor Muller’s presentation to the Automotive News World Congress.
Head there and watch it now if you haven’t seen it yet.
Back? OK.
Thumbnail image for Victor MullerIt wasn’t totally what I expected given that the presentation itself was 100% about Spyker. I was hoping for a bigger glimpse into Saab’s possible future under Spyker ownership but instead, Muller gave a presentation on the history of Spyker.
None of that should indicate that I was disappointed. In fact, I was very impressed.
I’ve got as familiar as anyone else about the basics with regard to Spyker. Old company, built coaches and aircraft, did some racing before going bankrupt in the 1920s. Re-started by Muller et al in 2000 and doing some more racing today whilst building a small number of expensive exotic cars.
You get those basics in the presentation, but you also get a bit of insight into the business side of building a small car company. It’s a compelling view, especially when you consider that the task facing Spyker will be a similar one, albeit on a larger sale, with Saab.
You have a brand with very distinctive traits, one that has very particular customers and the challenge of making and marketing the right product to those customers.
I’ve been quite consumed with the notion of making sure that Saab are sustainable with new models that will meet what the market needs, but I have to admit that as Muller covered Spyker’s focus on racing and recent success at Le Mans, I did find myself drifting away a little and imagining a successful Saab rally team some time in the future, when the right car arrives.
Muller’s a very relaxed, but still very focused presenter.
I’ve gone to some lengths on this site to not give the impression of having a favourite bidder for Saab. My focus has always been on Saab’s survival in the hands of any competent new owner and I maintain that now.
But after watching this presentation and getting an insight of the entrepreneurial mind behind Spyker cars, I will say that Victor Muller and Spyker seem to fit that bill pretty well.
For those looking for Saab content, it comes in the Q & A section at the end, where I’ll give Muller 12 out of 10 for being incredibly diplomatic with several of his answers.
Recommended viewing.

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