Wednesday Night Snippets

I have a LOT to work on tonight, some of which you’ll see soon and some of which I hope you’ll never get to see (but I have to do it just the same).
For the one you’ll see soon, go out today and get a photo with a similar message to this. Do it in whatever style you want, as long as it’s legal :-0
The object is to make your own fun expression about the “Save Saab” message.
Found on Flickr
Our mate Ted Y has had his letter about the Saab sale published today in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Great stuff, Ted!
These letters do get through and every little bit puts a spotlight more and more on GM and their decision.
Saab dealers have started emailing their customers to encourage them to support the brand with a letter to their government representatives.
That’s why you keep seeing the post about that subject on the front page here. They’re being referred here to SU for background info and the sample letter.
And if you haven’t written one yourself, please do.

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