Wednesday Snippets

The waiting continues….

The update is same as it’s been all week. Spyker still in talks, Genii on the sidelines but maintaining a presence.


From sources in the Saab factory, we’ve learned that there will most likely be a production halt from weeks 5 to 10 if the wind down starts for real. If Saab is sold then there may still be some production during these weeks, depending on materials availability.


Saab Belgium have released a brochure for the 2010 Saab 9-5, complete with options and prices for the Belgian market.

You can view some bits at SaabCentral or you can right-click-save-as here for the pdf.


AutoBild is a German motoring site, also referred to ‘Audibild’ from time to time because of their home-country bias.

They’ve treated the global Saab Support Convoy with the utmost respect, however, from the largest to the smallest meeting.


Save Saab! Two words, one meaning: Rescue the Swedish cult brand, the cars of the trolls before death! Parent company, General Motors can not or will not find a buyer for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (Swedish Airplane Ltd.), and their supporters are fighting for their favorites. Together, hand in hand, bumper to bumper. …..

….. Most, about 2000, came naturally together in the Saab’s Trollhattan home. In Holland, there were at least 580, in three Polish cities along 315th But protests including a small scale were: In Adelaide, Australia were formed in at least three enthusiasts to protest ride – the rest were kept [away by a] poor weather outlook.

Just goes to show that the size of the meeting isn’t important. The fact that it happened is what’s important.


The UK convoy also got some press at AutoExpress, amongst others.


Spyker have recently moved much of their vehicle production to Coventry, in England. Prior to this, they were getting bodies and chassis shipped to Holland from there, so it’s a move that makes sense.

It’s a recent move, and to mark the occasion, there will be an early C8 Spyder on display at the Coventry Transport Museum for those who’d like to get more familiar with them.

Story from Pistonheads.


A GM employee had to correct one of Ed Whitacre’s public statements about the pricing of the Chevy Volt recently.

My point – I don’t believe that Whitacre’s blab about the price of Saab (he quoted $450mil) was on the mark. It conflicts with other stuff I’d seen over a week ago. And this Volt episode just goes to prove that a mistake from Ed when it comes to quoting details is quite feasible.


I’ve received a lot of email about these (and others) so I support I better link it up….

Winding Road has a gallery of Saab 9-5 wagon spyshots. There’s not much we’ve not already seen, but it is good to see it still being tested and proven.



Finally, if you’re the person who commented at another website using the name ‘Seriously?’ then I want you to know – I saw your comment before it was deleted, and I agree.

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