Wednesday (very) Quick Snippets

I’m off to a celebratory dinner and movie with the Mrs. Much overdue. Be back later.
The 9-5 and 9-3x will be appearing at the Chicago Auto Show, which will be open to the public from Feb 12-21.
Thanks to ‘clash’ via email for the tip.
I’ve got heaps of email to get through at the moment. Please forgive me but I’ll get to it soon.
As posted by Mike900 in comments, and sent to me by MoodySaaber
I’ll float the idea quickly here and elaborate more later on…..
It’ll need to be properly co-ordinated, but I spoke with Victor Muller several days ago about the idea of another round of Convoys now that Saab has been sold.
Perhaps in a few months when the northern winter has receded a little?
End of March?
I’ll try and co-ordinate with a few parties in Holland and Sweden and see what can be managed, but your thoughts in comments would be welcome.

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