Why this deal – and the timing of it – matters

I wrote earlier today of the possible effect that the delays on this deal could be having on Saab workers in various areas.

I imagine that whilst the factory itself is still operating, the other parts of the Saab facility in Trollhattan are probably in limbo. Design, development, marketing – these people must literally just waiting for a direction to move in.
How long can they stay like this?

The following was left in comments, quite recently:

I’m in the business and can see some things starting to happen at Saab.
It has got to close soon, the deal. The number of job applications from very skilled people at Saab is rising rapidly. Soon the key people will be gone either beeing fired or by changing jobs. We’re of course happy with the smorgosboard of competence beeing available but come on, seal the darn deal and lets make some great cars instead of just hanging around!
Many would like to stay but when you’re faced with unemployment the loyalty towards the company is pretty low down on the priorty list.
So seal the deal, now, not in one month, you’ve got to do it now for the sake of everything!

This just highlights how urgent this situation is, and why I can’t fathom GM’s delay when they’ve had bids on the table for the best part of a week. Sure, there’s been a little tweaking here and there, but they know what they’re dealing with.
This deal really needs to be done soon. The liquidator is in place and as you can see, the workforce are beginning to consider their own futures, such is the lack of clarity at their end of things.
No-one can question the dedication of the Saab workforce, nor should anyone be critical of some people putting the feelers out. These are people with families and homes we’re talking about and it’s natural for them to want to protect what they’ve got.
The best thing that could happen to protect their interests is for GM to make a decision.
And if people need anything else to think about, we’re coming up on day 6 since bids were submitted late last week. How long do you think those bids remain live for?
I’m not trying to scare anyone here, I’m only trying to spell the situation out as I know it to be. GM named the deadlines here. They need to stick to them. A lot of people are depending on it and however it’s going to go, those people deserve to know.

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