Why writing your US government representative is important

I know some are cynical about writing to their government representatives, but there are some good stories starting to filter through.
Here’s one from comments right here at SU, from someone named ‘berelaxed’:

One of the letters I wrote was to Massachusetts State Senator,Tom Kennedy, from the Second Plymouth and Bristol District. He called me this afternoon, agreed with me and will also write to Congress and GM. We had a great conversation, I have met him before at a Hanover Historical Society event so we also had some small talk about that and the importance of taking care of our local historical sites. He’s disabled and has a brand new Swedish wheelchair. He said he would be very upset if the factory that manufactured his wonderful chair closed. Great conversation and I felt like I really was able to do something with my voice at least.

See, if enough letters get to these people they can start to have a connection and grow a voice. And if enough of these people like Tom Kennedy write to GM and Congress then that can start to form a voice of its own.
I’d estimate that the number of letters we’ve generated from this campaign would be well into the thousands by now, with a likely concentration of those in the places where they need to be heard. The northeastern US has the most Saabs, the most Saab dealerships and therefore, the most at stake. Hopefully there’s a lot of letters going to representatives in those areas (esp someone like Chris Dodd in Connecticut, who grilled the Big 3 CEO’s last year).
If you’re in the US and you haven’t written to your government Senator or Reps yet, then I urge you to do so and add your voice.

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