Wow It’s Cold Saturday Saab Nostalgia

If you live in North America, you know what I’m talking about — it’s simply frigid right now. Here in Nashville, we’ve had three consecutive nights of low temperatures below ten degrees F (-12 degrees C). If memory serves, we’ve not had a cold snap this severe here since the middle 1980’s, so this is a singular event. Even this week’s Orange Bowl football game, held each year in Miami, Florida, had an all-time record low game-time temperature just ten degrees or so above freezing. Naturally, folks in more Northern climes have had it much worse.
Hey, on the flip side, this weather is great for Saabs. I loved driving my first 900 in snowy Colorado where I lived at the time. It never, ever failed me. Ever. What a great car that was in the Western winter.
My hope was that I could bring you a few bits of news from the Ice Racing Capital of America, the Adirondack region of New York. Alas, it seems that the lakes, despite this recent cold snap, are not yet frozen enough to race safely. That’s according to the Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club. They’re geared up for racing to begin next week.
As an alternative, I offer a look back at a previous season through the lens of Mr. Jeff Nicol, who I would love to link to, but I can find no website for him. I found these photos on the Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club forums. Enjoy!

saab ice race 2007.jpg
saab ice race 20071.jpg
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