You make the news – 80km edition

Here’s an interesting anecdote from our friends organising the Dutch Saab Support Convoy.
They’re now around 580 cars strong and for the main part of the drive, where they’re all gathered together, the police have asked them to leave in groups of 20 cars, with each group leaving at 1 minute intervals.
I haven’t done the math, but I’m realiably told (are you really reliable, N? 🙂 that as the first group finishes its 80km journey, the last group will just be leaving!
The other groovy thing about the Dutch convoy is that we’ll all be able to watch it live!
Apparently the Dutch highway camera system is quite extensive – and the feed from it is available online.
I’ll publish URL’s when they become available.
You know the drill.
Please keep one another informed if anything comes up.
No wild speculations. No old news and play the ball, not the man.

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