You make the news – early edition

I’m feeling pretty poor tonight. Too much onion in the soup, methinks.

So it’s an early night for me, even at the risk of missing an announcement. Not that one’s expected, but you can never tell.


If you haven’t read it yet, scroll down and read the article from Lars Carlstrom that appeared in today’s Dagens Industri.

This is one heck of an important article and kudos to Mr Carlstrom for writing, and to DI for running it, because it runs contrary to much of their own writing for the last 12 months.

It’s quite satisfying reading all the things we’ve been saying for over 12 months now, written by someone the media and the general population might actually listen to.

We’re not nuts after all 🙂

Of course, the big challenge for Saab is to turn all that potential into real success.


I was watching this video from the Atlanta Saab Support Convoy and a question occurred to me – what is the sexiest Saab ever made?

This occurred to me as I was watching a Viggen drive past the car with the camera, and I have to say a Viggen in Lightning Blue is definitely one sexy beast.

Saab 9-3 Viggen

If only the rims weren’t so soft. They’re perfect for the car.

Got a sexier Saab?


Please keep each other informed if anything important breaks.

Please check the news you’re reading and see if it’s current (there’s a story on today claiming BAIC are buying Saab. It’s actually from November last year).

Please keep your theories to yourself.

Please respect your fellow commenters.

Please do not feed the trolls.


Video from Denmark, with thanks to Henrik S.

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