You make the news – early edition II

Still unwell, so I’m off to bed early again.

Despite the optimism fueled by Reuters, I’m not expecting an announcement before I wake up, but just in case…….

Robin, you’ve still got my number, right????


It was encouraging to receive a copy of this letter today. It’s written to Ed Whitacre, from the mayor of Attleboro, MA.

Letter To Ed Whitacre 1-19-10.jpg

So why would a local mayor in Massachusetts be so moved to write to the Chairman of General Motors?

Well, there’s local jobs, for starters.

Then there’s the cars in his driveway 🙂


Thanks to John M….


Please do keep one another informed if anything big breaks.

I’m pretty optimistic that we’ll see a positive outcome for Saab now. I just don’t know when.

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