You make the news – early edition

I’m about to go get a full night’s sleep for the first time in several weeks. I’m tired of putting off my slumber because of these clowns.
Those of you who have my phone number, please feel free to call if you-know-what is announced. Hopefully you’ll get through (our line is a little dodgy at the moment).
As is common at the moment, please do keep one another up to date as the news occurs.
If you’d like to feel good, then have a listen to this song, by one of the best Australian bands ever. I’m just getting back into them after a long hiatus.
Play it loud. One of the best driving songs ever (if you’re an Aussie) with one of the best song lyrics ever – “pick up a fast car and burn my name in the road….”
Bow River by Cold Chisel

If you’d like to feel detached and annoyed, please click through and read about GM’s plans for Cadillac in Europe after the jump.

GENEVA PREVIEW: Cadillac eyes European comeback
13 January 2010| Source: Simon Warburton
Cadillac is expected to reveal details of new European distribution arrangements at the Geneva motor show next March.
The luxury brand all but abandoned the market after vehicle supplies stopped after the bankruptcy of independent Netherlands based European importer Kroymans last March. It is now working out new distribution arrangements.
“Yes, we are doing a restart of these vehicles in the spring,” a Cadillac Europe spokesman told just-auto. “No particular date, but I assume the Geneva show would be the right time.”
The spokesman said Cadillac/Corvette Europe head Wolfgang Schubert was evaluating “a network of around 120-130 dealerships” across Europe, though he did not elaborate.
The European Cadillac line, offered to a select network of luxury car dealers, previously included a mix of US-built left and right hand drive cars and crossovers, the entry level BLS range built by Saab and exclusive to this market, plus the US Chevrolet Corvette and South African-assembled Hummer H3.
“We are planning to sell all Corvette models including the Grand Sport, which has not so far been sold in Europe,” the spokesman noted.
“We are also planning to sell the Cadillac CTS family including the sedan and the new coupé as well as the Sport Wagon, CTS-V and SRX crossover models. We hope this happens as soon as possible, as we clearly want to sell these cars.”
Kroymans bankruptcy meant GM had to obtain remaining Cadillac and Corvette vehicle stocks from the liquidator and sell them on through the dealer network.
Some models, including Hummer, all but sold out and there was a shortage of some Corvettes but the company insists now “the dealers are virtually ready.”
Although Cadillac/Corvette will now take European importing in-house (again), it conceded it “might need some further help in the future.”
It is currently using an interim distribution team at US company International Fleet Sales whose European headquarters are, like Kroymans, in Holland.

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