You make the news (Just in case something happens)

I’m off for the night.
I’ve noted in comments that production is to begin again on Monday. Go, you good Swedes!! Every car you build, say “this one’s for you, Ed!”
I can’t get the video to work on my computer, but at this link to Bloomberg you’ll find some video of Mr Saab himself, Erik Carlsson. I believe he’s appearing in support of the British Saab Support Convoy.
And yes, I’ll give some more column space to all the convoys (including one I’m hearing about now in Latvia) over the weekend and into next week.
That includes you, Dutchmen!!!!
I don’t know if there’ll be any sort of decision forthcoming in the next 8 hours. It’ll be interesting to see.
As per my Memo to GM, there really is no feasible reason why GM shouldn’t select one of these bids and run with it. Objectively speaking, I would have to say Spyker and Genii are probably the front-runners at this point, and I only include Genii in that right now due to Mr Ecclestone’s sheer presence. Their recent formation plays against them a little, but Bernie’s presence carries some significant weight (probably due to his big fat wallet).
If GM does not accept one of these bids either today or very early next week, then we’ll know they have designs on closing Saab regardless of any interest.
I think they’ll sell.
I noted in comments some text related to a Fed-Ex letter headed to GM, possibly from the Saab dealer body.
Well done gents. As a now-defunct political party here in Australia used to say: “Keep the bastards honest”.
As always, keep one another informed.
There’ll be lots of non-sale stuff to cover on the weekend, but I need to get some Z’s before then.

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