You make the news – Saabs in Detroit edition

A few snippets to kick things off.
I posted an article asking who’s interested in buying a Saab in 2010/2011 and we’ve got over 150 comments in just over 4 hours. Not bad for a little website and no promotion.
Who say’s there aren’t any buyers?
Ex-Saab dealer laments the potential demise of Saab.

He has owned most Saab models, by his account, and will continue to drive them. “I love the product,” he said. “The cars are wonderful.”
Disappointed by GM, Tom Gustafsson terminated his Saab franchise agreement three years ago. GM doesn’t understand “niche marketing” and the Saab brand has not been a priority for the Detroit-based company, he said.

Which is why GM should sell and benefit from the ongoing relationship with someone who does understand the brand.
Whilst I’m busy sawing logs, Saab owners will be gathering in Detroit for the rally there, outside the Renaissance Center.
That means it’s up to you to provide some coverage of what’s going on as you hear about it. Hopefully some attendees might have mobile access and can leave some stories here, or even some photos.
I hope it’s well attended and well covered.
Until then…….

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