Your contact with government representatives CAN bear fruit

We’re just owners and enthusiasts and all we can do is try our hardest to help support Saab.
Some think that those efforts are in vain, others don’t.
I’d just like to share with you a copy of a letter I received this morning. This was sent to me by a visitor here, whose story I told earlier this week. Her name is Betsey and she goes by the name ‘berelaxed’ on the site.
At that link, we heard the story of how Betsey ran into and had a good chat with Senator Tom Kennedy of Massachusetts.
This is the follow-up that she received, and forwarded on to me this morning.
Click to enlarge (sorry about the orientation).

What you do in writing to these representatives – especially if you live in a N.E.U.S state, can make a difference.
The only thing that’s guaranteed to NOT make a difference is not trying.

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