A closer/clearer look at that Eurotuner Saab 900

I showed some scans from Euro Tuner magazine over the weekend. They featured their first ever Saab in the magazine, a 900 Convertible owned by a guy named Aaron Elledge in Tacoma, Washington.
Aaron’s been in touch with me since then and sent me some clearer images from the magazine, which are posted below.
This is quite a beast of a vehicle, too. Aaron’s had it for 9 years now and the list of modifications is quite extensive. I don’t have time to re-type the whole article here, but 335hp should tell you that this is no simple convertible.
Aaron’s running a Megasquirt custom ECU setup, bigger turbo, 2.3 Saab head, special headers, 3-inch downpipe, uprated wastegate – the list goes on. All that power has lead to five busted gerboxes over the years, but Aaron’s been working on that, too. A limited slip diff, reinforced casing and ‘autobahn’ gears (new to me, too) have been fitted and apparently it’s all a very nice package, now.
Click to enlarge and enjoy and thanks to Aaron for getting in touch.

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