An update on Saab appearing at US Auto Shows

Following the sad news that Saab won’t be showing at the Chicago Auto Show in the next few weeks, I’ve received some advice from Saab Cars North America about the official schedule for US Auto Shows coming up in the next few months.
I asked specifically about the 9-5 being available at auto shows, hence the answer as follows:

Tentatively, the schedule for the 9-5 at auto shows looks like this:

  • Cleveland – February 27 to March 7th
  • Dallas – March 3 to March 7
  • New York – March 31 to April 11

Additional notes:
Greg Abbott emailed me, saying that Saab are still slated to appear at the Minneapolis Auto Show from March 6th to the 14th and a quick look at that link shows them listed on the floorplan. Perhaps this will go ahead, but without the 9-5 in attendance?
And from AJ Murphy, via comments:
SAAB will be represented at the Cincinnati Enquirer Auto Expo c/o Just SAAB. We, as a dealer, have purchased the space and will provide our own cars. It won’t be as “fancy” as if GM had provided our display and cars but we felt it was important to show that we’re still here and to be able to spread the message of SAAB being purchased.
February 25 – 28, 2010

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