Audi A5 Sportback – don’t call it a hatch!

I’m pretty sure that if Saab released a hatchback version of the new Saab 9-5 or even the current 9-3, people would be whoopin it up all over the place.
Not so over at Audi.
It’s mesmerising the ladies…..
And it’s apparently so steamy sexy that even the ground itself is sweating….
Polo-neck guy is smiling….
And yet despite all this newness, all this coupe-sedan-avant beauty and a whole new naming convention, there’s nary a photo of the actual new feature on the website.
I got all of these images from the a5sportback website after seeing an ad on a news website I frequent and getting curious about it. I actually made a point of going through the whole thing (almost) and was astounded that the main feature (for me) was shown so rarely.
Are we Saab fans really that different? Is the hatch really so disliked that even here in Australia – a land not that averse to the hatch – Audi feel like they shouldn’t show it?
The website instead focuses mostly on the design of the car, and yes Audi are the latest company to claim they’ve build a 4-door coupe. Or is that a 5-door coupe?
It’s no ugly duckling, though I’m not sure the front really sets it off that well.
But here’s one of only two shots I found on the site that actually feature the hatch.
In a Saab ad, there’d most likely be a wide shot of the entire car with the hatch open so that you can see the full extent of the load capacity. These shots are all very close in, almost like they want to hide the car from view when the hatch is open.
Not much, I guess, but I just find it interesting how other companies develop and then promote new vehicles.
Why go to the trouble of developing a body style like this if you’re not going to max out the promotion of it?

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