Autoweek photoshop future Saabs

UPDATE – Apparently they’re older shots that we’ve featured before. I lose track of all the photos I see and post up here. Still fun.
AutoWeek had a one-pager on the Saab sale in their latest issue and MoodySaaber was kind enough to scan-and-send a copy of it via email.
I mentioned a few days ago that Auto Motor and Sport have a big Saab special in their latest issue and it’ll be interesting to compare these images to AMS’s as I’m pretty sure it’s the same agency doing the photochops for them both (Motor Forecast).
Here is the new 9-3 as they see it……(notice the door count there)
….and as a special treat, their take on a new Sonett (put a roof on that sucka, please!).
How close they might be to reality is anyone’s guess, but if these are the same as the AMS images then they might be reasonably close. Those Swedes have amazing contacts!

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