Backstage with Victor Muller after Dutch TV

Last week we featured a pretty good presentation on Dutch television by Victor Muller and on the weekend we even got a version with subtitles!
I had a story forwarded to me by mail over the weekend, too, which is relevant to all this.
Present in the studio audience at the Pauw & Wittemann show were various members of the crew who organised the Saab Support Convoy in Holland.
I’ll let Stephan continue….

A substantial delegation of the SSC NL organisation was invited to be present during the live broadcast. And we had to park our cars somewhere, so in true Amsterdam style we double parked. The camera liked it. When the camera shows the Saabs in the front of the building you can spot the shields of the SCC NL.
Afterwards there was an informal meet & greet and VM received a SSC NL shield with the number 26.1. And yes we stayed calm and thanked him.
The live broadcast was fun, but not as interactive as we hoped. Afterwards the informal meet & greet made up for the earlier lack of interaction with the audience.
VM seems very focused, and with great drive to make Saab a success.

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