DN.se: problems not arising with Saab loan guarantee (but they’re still looking)

DN.se has spoken with Bo Lundgren, head of the Swedish National Debt Office, who it seems if finding no problems so far with his enquiries into the Saab-Spyker deal.

– I assume that nothing has happened that [will] destroy it. Our starting point is that this deal has not changed. We have made a final report and it is the case [that it will succeed] if we do not see that there is something that has become totally different, “said Lundgren.

He’s aiming to get his work done on time, too:

– Our ambition is to be ready next week, it’s thought that the deal will be finalized on February 15, “he says.

February 15 is the scheduled closing date for the transaction.

– What we do now is to look at the agreement reached with GM Spyker and Victor Muller and if that agreement is in accordance with the conditions we stated in our final report.

So the NDO has prepared a report for the government already based on what they knew and the government has approved guarantees based on that report. As long as there’s no big difference in the circumstances, the guarantees should stand.
Of course, all that doesn’t stop DN from asking all the doomsday Whatif’s, but that’s par for the course.

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