EnG Snippets — Swade’s in print yet again edition

TheReferenceCouncil.com, a website previously unknown to me, brings us a nice, breezy little read on the general history of Saab entitled “Nulla tenaci invia est via – the story of Saab” Our own Steven Wade is noted as “Swade, head of the one and only saabsunited.com, the #1 only-resource for anything that is connected to the Griffin”. True indeed.
Also a pleasant read, although filled with somewhat anachronistic stereotypes about the “typical” North American Saab owner, Meghan Daum’s column opines that Wine, cheese, infidelity, and Saabs are linked for many Saab owners. She’s got a bit of a point, but I’ll not believe that most of us fall into the categories or behavior that she’s described. You be the judge.
Venerable automotive magazine Car & Driver have this to say in their mention of the upcoming Saab line-up under new owner Spyker:

This is Going to Be Very Interesting
For Saab-philes, the brand’s acquisition by Spyker was the best possible scenario. (Of course, when the alternative was Saab’s swift death, any scenario was better simply by default.) But it remains to be seen just how fruitful Saab can be under the care of an eccentric outfit with experience building cars by the dozens, not by the hundreds of thousands. The future of Saab rests on Saab Spyker operating as the very antithesis of GM, which couldn’t think small enough to preserve the beloved Swedish marque’s trademark quirkiness, the only real distinction among its competition. The decision to revive the hatchback was a good start; let’s see where things go from there.

The emphasis in the middle of the paragraph is mine, and, as chief General Motors apologist here at SaabsUnited, even I have to recognize that statement is true. GM’s “careless stewardship” of Saab is recognized pretty widely these days.
From [email protected] on Flickr comes this fantastic image of a Sonett III negotiating the recent Monte Carlo Historic Rally 2010. Wow!

sonett hill racer.jpg

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