EnG snippets – the little things edition

Whilst Swade and the very proper gathering of Saabisti celebrate Saab’s independence (or recover from that celebration), here are a few little snippets to keep you abreast of what’s happening in the Saab world.
Unfortunately, Saab issued a recall in the US for just over 14,000 2004 Saab 9-3T which have a seat belt retractor mechanism that could fail prematurely. See this National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) bulletin for all of the information. If your Saab is affected, see your dealer for the necessary upgrades.
In the distinguished Harvard Business Review, Mr. Ron Ashkenas writes that Saab’s salvation at the hands of Spyker is an anomaly in today’s landscape of retiring and soon-to-be-extinct companies.

One corporate drama playing out in the news is the fate of Saab — a now-orphan division of General Motors that appears will narrowly escape extinction by last-minute buyer Spyker. For owners, employees, dealers, and suppliers of Saab, the potential death of such an iconic brand was probably hard to fathom. After all, the Swedish version of Saab, with its roots in the aircraft industry, existed for more than 50 years before becoming part of General Motors for another 10. Its products have always had a reputation for quality and safety, along with a somewhat quirky design. So how could a company with this kind of heritage almost go out of business?

Indeed! However, as he goes on to point out, Saab is one of the lucky few that live for new days with a new organization. Many great brands and great companies fought hard and lost their struggle with the corporate grim reaper.
Vive la Saab!
For another taste of the snow and cold that Swade’s enduring for the first time ever, C900 style! From ansik on Flickr:
C900 in snow Sweden Feb 2010.jpg
Oops, in haste to put together this post, I didn’t check to see if this has been included previously. It was, naturally. The car is truly singular, and deserves credit for a magnificent restoration. Kudos.
Finally, from Latvia (judging by the number plates) comes this magnificent Saab 99. It’s shown on the Flickr photostream of someone named walcc, and from the description it seems that the car is for sale? It doesn’t come right out and say that, but the documents and certain elements of the captions (e.g., “non-smoking car”) seem to lean in that direction. The interior looks immaculate.
Anyhoo, it’s certainly a keeper. Well done, sir! Take a look!

Tan Latvia Saab 99 Feb 2010 Front.jpg
Tan Latvia Saab 99 Feb 2010 Engine.jpg
Tan Latvia Saab 99 Feb 2010.jpg

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