For those who still don’t believe in the Saab 9-4x

This comment from earlier today speaks for itself, I think.
Saab 9-4x……
26,000 of Audi’s 100,000 planned 2010 sales in the United States of America are expected to be the Audi Q5. It is one of the fastest turning vehicles in the Audi line up worldwide (i.e. turnover, not that it turns really really fast 🙂 …..SW).
The only problem with the 9-4x is that it should be in showrooms now, not 10 months from now.
Alas, General Motors burned through their cash so here we are still waiting.
Our clients are either SUV buyer or car buyers. It’s good to have products for each group.
Jim Haynes – US SAAB & Audi dealer
Whatever your thoughts on the Saab 9-4x, or whatever your thoughts on Saab having an SUV at all, there’s no doubt whatsoever that Saab need to be in this segment.
The sooner they can get a vehicle like the Saab 9-4x to the market, developed from the ground up with a Saab and a Caddy variant in mind, the better it will be for all concerned.
Yes, Saab will have to pay GM to manufacture the vehicle, but having a vehicle like this to offer customers and increase your market presence is much better than Jim Haynes watching his Saab customers cross the floor to the Audi showroom. Or worse, some other dealer drive off the lot to the Audi dealer down the street.

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