Happy Birthday Till, part 2

In a previous entry, I showed you the birthday present Till had bought himself – a beautiful black Saab 9-3x. OK, so it wasn’t necessarily bought as a present, but the timing was good as he picked it up on his birthday.
I’ve just received this email from Till, telling me the second part to this story. Be ready to smile.

One story I just have to share because it shows what my dealer is like:
When we adjusted the delivery date [some time ago] I had mentioned that it was my birthday.
As I sat there Friday my dealer didn’t congratulate me at first. His brother came by and did so and my dealer said “I wanted to wait with that but okay…”.
As we had signed the papers and went to the car he joked “you can even see the Hirsch tuning” and opened the bonnet.
[Click through to] the pic and see what I saw.

…..everyone from the staff had signed a very special birthday card for me and I also found a beautiful Hirsch jacket. I definetely had a tear in my eye!
I can not imagine this would happen to you if you buy a beemer…

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