I love a good modified Saab 96

I’m not sure how current this is. The website looks a little out of date now and I haven’t taken the time to contact the owner yet.
It’s sure fun to look at, though.
This is a Saab 96 Turbo, built by a guy named Martin Roth. It just goes to show how good these cars can look with the right styling (have a look at the black Saab 96 V6 if you need some more convincing).
Martin’s website is here and you can check out the build of the Saab 96 Turbo on the site. There’s some great photos of Saab gatherings there, too, with heaps of Saab 96s in formation.
And whilst you’re there, I’m sure you’ll enjoy checking out the awesome, mid-engined Saab Sonett Turbo as well 🙂
Thanks to Mark S for the links.

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