Let the Saab fans eat CAKE!!

Ever since Bard Eker made his comment about Marzipan Cake, there’s been a strange fascination with cakes as a fringe element of this whole Saab story. Strange but true.
There was a prominent cake element to the Saab Support Convoys, too. Here’s a selection for you. Click to enlarge (unfortunately, I can’t make it click-n-eat)
UPDATE – one more from the Production Technology Center at University West, Trollhattan….
From Bulgaria….
Saab Celebrations Bulgaria
From Sweden, part 1
Saab Support Cakes!
From Sweden, part 2
Saab Support Cakes!
From England….
Saab Support Convoy UK UrSaab cake
From right here in Australia!
I’m not sure of the origins of this one….
A friend in Greece named Ilias had a birthday recently…..
And Michi’s daughter Sofia made a couple of special Saab cakes, too.
Despite the fact that they didn’t get to close the Saab deal, I hope Bard Eker has managed to get some marzipan cake in celebration of Saab’s survival. He and his friends played a large part in it.
Thanks to all for the cake photos and if I’ve missed yours, then please accept my apologies. I did try a thorough search prior to posting.

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