Memo to WBZTV in Massachusetts – Saab is NOT going out of business

This is one that might need some action, especially from those of you in the North-East United States.
From Kevin Q:

Imagine my disgust this morning when a promo for a WBZ-TV Boston news story aired that said and I quote:
“Would you buy a Saab, Saturn or Volvo if they’re about to disappear and is it a good idea to buy a car that’s going off the market?! Tune in on Monday at 5 PM to find out…”
And this story is set to air in probably THE most important market for Saabs in the United States. Boston, Massachusetts.
Either someone at this news station is seriously out of touch with reality or else they trying to increase ratings during the coming “Sweeps week”.
I went to their website and found the Contact Us link where I posted a tip that they should re-edit their story because the facts have changed… OK, Saturn is still DOA but Saab is saved and Volvo was never in any danger.
You may want to post your opinion here:

……and I really do recommend that you make use of that contact form. This is a report that should not go to air with that by-line in place because Saab is not going out of business and it’s wrong to suggest that they are.
Thanks to Kevin for the tip.
My letter:
Hello WBZ,
I was disturbed to hear that you are running a promotion for a report on Monday, and that promotion suggest that Saab Automobile may be going out of business.
This is not the case. Saab have been sold by General Motors to Spyker Cars. The transaction is due to close on Monday and Saab will carry on building cars.
Your promotion is inaccurate and does a disservice to the Saab dealers in Massachusetts who have already had such a difficult 12-18 months.
I hope that you will see fit to amend the promotion and the subsequent report to make it clear that Saab are not going out of business. Your region is a very important market for Saab and you’ll be hurting a number of businesses with this inaccuracy.
Steven Wade

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