Monday Afternoon snippets – taking stock edition

Now that much of the Saab sale malarkey is done, I’m currently taking stock of what should be done around here, and at home. Of course, Spyker still have to close this deal, so it’s not all over yet.
But that doesn’t mean the wheels aren’t turning in my mind already as to what this transition will mean for Saabs United as a Saab news site, nor for me as a writer and publisher. Things have changed in the last 12 months and this isn’t the site it used to be anymore.
Can it go back? Can I go back?
I’ve taken some first steps in terms of both the site and at home. There’ll be one big change around here coming quite soon and possibly some changes at home, in the garage area, as I try to return to being a normal person and an actual participating member of my family again.

THE top executives at most car companies can rattle off the names of their models. Victor R. Muller can tell you the names of his customers.

… begins a story about Victor Muller and Spyker in the weekend’s New York Times. It’s a very interesting read about both the man and the company and they even talk to a Spyker owner about owning one as they take a C8 Laviolette out for a test drive.
Are Renault looking to pinch the Saab 9-X Air’s beautiful back end?
That’s a 1:43 scale model Renault seen by Auto Motor and Sport in Sweden. Apparently they’ve also seen full size testers up in the Arctic north for winter testing.
They believe the car could be scheduled for a debut at Geneva and have commissioned one of those clever photochoppers to prepare a CGI based on what they’ve seen.
Now compare that back half with the supermodel of Saab Concept Cars, the Saab 9-X Air….
Saab 9-X Air
Sacre Bleu!!
Saab need to get that 9-X Air out – and soon!
Off topic for a moment…..
The crisis facing Toyota right now is something you just can’t ignore. I’m not sypathetic towards Toyota at all (but definitely towards victims) but am just amazed at how quickly and comprehensively a company’s reputation can go out the window.
In the event some of you haven’t heard, Toyota have stopped selling 7 or 8 key models in the United States, including the Camry and Corolla, and have issues recalls amounting to millions and millions of vehicles in the US, Europe and China. The problem is unintended acceleration, which Toyota wrongly blamed on faulty floor mats and customer misuse before finaly admitting that there’s a problem with their accelerator pedal assembly.
AutoExtremist has a very pro-Detroit look at the situation.
Andy Rupert has a couple of videos that you must watch (esp the ABC one) if you know anyone who owns a relatively recent model Toyota.
And speaking of videos, here’s some Spyker beauty to start your week off right.

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