Monday Snippets – quick edition

Hey all,
Sorry for the sporadic posting, but internet access still seems problematic and there’s a bucketload going on away from the site at the moment. If I don’t get around to any emails you may have sent, please forgive, but I will get to it when I can.
The timing’s not great, but we will get everything from this week covered.
Vladimir Antonov must be feeling incredibly reassured that his public statements will not jeapordise the sale of Saab in any way, because he’s making a lot of statements.
First there was the NY Times editorial where he hit out over misplaced fears about Russian involvement in general. More recently, he’s also confirmed that the first $25mil instalment of the Saab sale was funded by his Convers group of banking interests.
Now he’s talking up further investments – up to $100mil worth – and even building a new Saab factory in Russia in due course.

“It depends on GM changing its mind and letting me in. If so, we will plan on opening a plant in Russia and starting production.”

And that sentence contains the keys to Antonov being involved. He’s sidelined at GM’s insistence and any close involvement in the near future would depend on GM changing its mind.
I guess this might be his way of working on them.
Personally, I’d prefer to see him doing what his banking group does best – providing banking. Saab dealers still need a lot of help in this area.
This car came up on my Flickr feed today. I’m not sure where it’s up for sale, but these definitely look like “for sale” type photos.
The text that accompanies them on Flickr read as follows:

This car is in mint condition, new paint, redone interior, complete engine and gearbox overhaul, new exhaust system, alloy wheels with very good Michelin M+S tyres, Momo SAAB three-spoke leather steering wheel. Always kept in garage during winter. Non-smoking vehicle.

More photos of this incredibly clean Saab 99 appear here. If anyone finds the ad for it, please feel free t post in comments.
Certainly seems like a very clean car.
It seems Saab’s assured future is getting all the design people out of hiding and posting their ideas everywhere.
We’ve already covered a number of things here at SU, with another popping up today.
I think this one’s a little further down the track than others, though.

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