Notes about the future of Saabs United

We’re waiting on the future of Saab Automobile to be settled (word is it may be another week before every ‘i’ is dotted prior to final documents being signed) I thought I’d take a moment to talk a little about the future of this website.
Right now, the future is heading in two possible directions in parallel, with a possible fork in the road looming. One option is only about a 3% chance of happening, at the most, but it’s there to be considered.
The 97% chance:
The most likely thing that will happen around here is an expansion of the site in the near future. I have my IT guy working on it right now, but he needs to get a new server, one that’ll run the software I’ve purchased.
That expansion will be centered around a forum, which will be added as part of the Saabs United URL.
The forum will be aimed at news and community issues, rather than covering technical issues. Saab Central and Saabnet both handle technical issues very well and I’ve got no desire to step on anyone’s toes there. There might be some crossover with Saablink but I think the core audience for SU and SL are quite different so I’m sure we can both handle things OK.
The forum will allow an opportunity to keep discussing some issues after they fall off the front page here on the blog and the forum should be very helpful in that regard. It should be a good de-facto archive for some of those entries people might like to refer back to but have trouble finding.
I’ve got a few other ideas for themes within the forum area but I’ll keep those up my sleeve for the time being. Needless to say I think a good, focused forum will be a valuable addition to the site and hopefully, make the site a better ambassador for the brand.
The forum should kick off in the next 2-3 weeks and that will happen regardless of the possibility of….
The 3% chance
At the end of 2008, I received some interest from a US-based media site in acquiring Trollhattan Saab. Discussions got a reasonable distance when things started looking shaky for Saab, so we called things off. I went ahead and started Saabs United and committed to covering this sale story right until the end, which I’m pleased to say we did (and did well).
Now that Saab’s future is assured, we’ve been in touch again and they’re having a look at the new site, the old site and their needs/resources.
Why is this of interest?
Basically, it’s an opportunity that’s available and must be considered, however unlikely it might be to come forth.
Also, I do have to change something about the way this site operates. Over the last 12 months, I committed to cover the Saab sale and that commitment ended up meaning I was working on this site between 6-10 hours a day (more in the 6 weeks leading up to January 26). I have a family and a day job and both have suffered as a result of this. Something has to change.
A sale of the site, should it happen, would mean that someone else can take care of the maintenance, the bills and the administration. All I have to think about is content. It would also give my family a tangible outcome for all the work that’s been done over the last five years, which is something important, too. They’ve given a lot.
The chances of Saabs United being sold are very remote. The guys in the US are looking at the numbers, but even if the site’s numbers are sufficient to get them interested, they’re still going to have to offer numbers sufficient to get me interested.
The most likely outcome, and the one I’m working towards, is the expansion of the site in a manageable way so that the site is equipped to serve the community and the brand as best it can.
Thanks for your support, especially over the last 12 months. I hope can continue to work together into the future to enjoy the Saab brand and do our best to promote its interests here in cyberspace.

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