Observed fuel economy after Maptuner Stage 1 upgrade

Early in the week I posted a video showing a friend of mine, John, doing a stage 1 upgrade on his 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero V6 using the new Maptuner plugin upgrade tool.
If you haven’t seen it yet click here to watch the video.
John recently did a road trip here in Tasmania, from Hobart to Devonport and back.
John has written to me about the fuel consumption he observed on this trip. I should tell you that the road driven here is basically the main highway here in Tasmania. As such, it’s reasonably flat, however Tassie is a hilly place so there’s also a good smattering of undulation along the way.
Hi Steve
Thought you might be interested in fuel consumption figures for the upgraded V6 ECU on a trip to Devonport on Friday 22nd & return on 23rd.
On both days the weather was fine and sunny with a light breeze for most of the way with a temperature of around 23 -24 degrees on the outward journey and around 25-26 on the return.
Vehicle load consisted of the driver and a substantial load of tools & equipment in the boot at least equal to another person.
Computer readings were all cleared at Brighton (see B on the map – SW) on the outward trip to remove last few days city driving consumption.
On the outward trip the traffic was medium (by our standard) although Mr Clarkson would have made comment on his pet hates (caravans and horse floats), so speed sometimes down to 95km/hr, at all opportunity speed was at cruise control setting of 108km/hr, air conditioner not used.
On the return trip the traffic was light but the temperature was a little higher for the first hour and the air conditioner was used intermittently, speed was at cruise setting of 108km/hr for nearly all the Midland Hwy (distance of, say 120km) as well as most of the Bass Hwy but more interruptions with traffic on the Bass Hwy.
Computer fuel consumption showed 7.4Ltrs/100km on arrival at Devonport (31.8mpg US and 38.2 mpg UK). Car was not moved until return journey, computer settings were not altered. On arrival in Hobart at 8pm on Saturday 23rd fuel consumption read 7.5 litres/100km (that’s 31.4mpg US and 37.7mpg UK).
Car was filled on premium fuel two days before the trip and filled again on arrival back in Hobart. The round trip was about 560 km.
Very pleased with the upgrade, throttle settings are noticeably lighter, the normally smooth running seems even smoother and passing performance is phenomenal.
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