One man’s thoughts on the Saab 9-4x (well, kinda)

I received an email from John P a few days ago. He recently took charge of a Cadillac SRX, which he received as a loaner from his dealer whilst his Saab was in for a service.
His thoughts on the vehicle are below:

I wanted to give you some impressions of the new 9-4x via the Cadillac SRX.
The first thing I will get out of the way is that the 3.0 v6 that has been panned by the motoring press is indeed not enough power for this vehicle.
The rest of the vehicle is brilliant.
The handling is tight and sporty and the interior roomy for 4-5 people. With the 2.8T this is a winner, dare I say class leading. With the Saab DNA that will be injected into the 9-4x in the form of Saab styling and excellent Saab seating this vehicle will be a hit in North America and possibly even abroad if a diesel can be found.
I’m really happy that Saab is going to be playing in this growing segment.
As an aside my dealer is Saab and Cadillac and they say they are excited about the 9-4x as they are selling so many Cadillac SRXs. Let’s bring this to market and get the Saab name out there.
I’ve mentioned it here plenty of times – the Saab 9-4x might not be a typical Saab segment vehicle, but it’s going to be a very important one, especially in the United States.
It’s good to hear some encouraging words.
Thanks John!

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