Other Saab sketches from Johan Wejedal (Ny Teknik Saab sketch)

I received an email from Johan Wejedal this evening.
He’s the guy behind the Ny Teknik sketch that was featured here earlier today and he’s offered up a few more designs of various Saabs he’s done recently.
Johan was tasked by Ny Teknik to provide that design. They sifted through the comments, which had four predominant themes – a 96-style vehicle, a remodelled 900, a new Sonett and a flexible sports/multi-purpose vehicle. They picked the 96 style theme and Johan provided an image based on those comments.
Johan is a transportation and industrial designer with a big heart for Saab and consequently, was pretty excited to provide the illustration and satisfied with the result.
He has a website here with a lot more of his portfolio featured and has been kind enough to provide some more Saab illustrations for our collective perusal.
My thanks to Johan for getting in touch and for sharing these.
This first one is also featured in Auto Motor and Sport, I believe.
Saab 9 5x gradient.jpg
SAAB 9-1 frontview.jpg
saab 9-3 aero copy2.jpg
saab 9-3 cab down.jpg
SAAB EV2.jpg
Saab Sport MPV.jpg

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