Saab 9-3x with decals = dealer support

You’ve seen cars like this from Saab in the last few years. In the last few years, they’ve typically been press vehicles with “Biopower” written along the side (or if they’re going sideways/backwards, then “Saab Performance Team”).
You remember our mate Till72 from Germany? He picked up his new Saab 9-3x earlier this month, on his birthday. The one with the signed engine cover and a nice Hirsch jacket as a birthday present from his dealer.
As you can see from those stories, Till has a very good relationship with his dealer.
So much so that he offered to do a bit of advertising for him. Click to enlarge.
9-3x Ad(2).jpg
Till’s message:

I’d like to show you part two of my personal Saab and dealer support plan. It’s just the drawing I did for the livery on my 9-3x. I liked that design when I saw it on a few dealer cars here at SU and agreed with myself that it would not hurt me to carry it along for some months.
So I told my dealer “you pay for the livery and I carry it around for six months or so”. He gladly agreed. I can’t do much about dealer/floorplan financing right now. But I can make Saab and therefore my dealer visible in the streets so that even those who don’t know Saab yet see what kind of car just attracted them. And where they can buy it.

That’s a fantastic gesture, I reckon. And a very good conversation starter as well.
Dealers – perhaps you’d have a few more clients willing to do the same?

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