Saab 900 featured in Eurotuner magazine

I’m told that this is a rare occurrence, which is strange given how tuneable Saabs actually are, but there’s a fantastic looking Saab 900 Convertible in the current issue of Eurotuner magazine.
eurotuner page 1.jpg
Here’s the convertible…..
The car belongs to Aaron Elledge, from Tacoma, Washington. I don’t think I’ve come across Aaron or his ‘vert before (apologies if I’m mistaken) but it definitely looks like a sweet Saab.
Kudos to Aaron for getting it published like this.
Eurotuner also have their own summary guide to Saab tuning, which I’ve tried to reproduce in a readable size below without totally killing my bandwidth.
There’s not much there that a reasonably experienced Saaber wouldn’t have heard already and clicking on either of the tags at the end of this post should get you plenty more Saab performance posts from this site.
eurotuner page 6.jpg
eurotuner page 7.jpg
Thanks to Hector for the scans!

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