Saab 900 is GQ-smooth – Top 50 stylish rides of the last 50 years

Whenever someone does a Top-XX list of things covering a long period of time, there’s bound to be some contention. And so it is here with GQ’s list of 50 stylish rides from the last 50 years.
There’s some obvious inclusions here – Jaguar E-Type, Aston Martin’s DB5 and DB9, Mercedes SL, Porsche 911 and the eternal Ferrari 308. But then there’s the Volvo Turbo Wagon and the Cadillac Allante, which IMHO look out of place in any top list except for perhaps top 10 cars you’d like to crush. OK, maybe not the Volvo.
The cars are sliced and diced into decades, with 10 representatives from each of the last five decades from the 60s until now.
Something I’d be interested to do a straw poll on – what’s your favourite decade from those represented?
Before you get to that, though, celebrate the Saab 900 appearing at slide #26 and looking like the epitome of the 1980s. It even earns a James Spader reference, which made me smile.
Make sure you click ‘next’ and check out #27 🙂
And is it strange that this is the first time I’ve been on the GQ website, or that I’ve never ever read the magazine? So un-hip.
Thanks to Joe P for the link.

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