Saab 96 rally car for sale – Jalopnik style

Jalopnik have a daily segment where they feature a reasonably rare or distinctive car for sale for what seems to be high money. The segment is called “Nice Price or Crack Pipe?” – the inference being that some people will see the rare example as a good opportunity to own something they’ve always dreamed of, whilst others will think the seller’s on drugs.
And with that explained, it’s time to have a look at this Saab 96 vehicle for sale via Anamera.
As I’m regularly watching my mates from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team build our two Saab 99 Turbos, I know there’s a lot involved in the process. Building a rally car isn’t easy, or cheap.
This Saab 96 has been built to the exact specs used by Eric Carlsson during his winning years in the early 1960s.
The car comes with the following options and accessories:

  • 12 mini light wheels with fresh mud and snow tyres, intermediate and studded tyres for ice.
  • Fully prepped shell.
  • Multi point roll cage.
  • Lightweight doors, bonnet and boot lid.
  • Fiber glass wings.
  • Wheel arches aluminum lined.
  • Brake and fuel lines re routed inside car.
  • Works spec 1730 cc engine with copper head gaskets.
  • Down draft Weber for tarmac, twin 45DCOEs on crossover manifold for forest.
  • Works close ratio gearbox (and spare!),
  • Limited slip diff,
  • Large core radiator,
  • 14 row oil cooler,
  • Hand made free flow exhaust manifold.
  • Works springs, Bilsteins,
  • Saab 95 (estate) rear axle (stronger with bigger brakes),
  • Strengthened wishbones,
  • Works mud flaps etc.
  • Twin parallel Facet fuel pumps,
  • Large bore fuel pipe (to keep up with the twin Webers).

The asking price for all this – 25,000 Euros.
You rally guys will know the value, but for the regular punters out there – nice price or crack pipe?
Thanks to David for the link!

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