Saab amongst top brands for positive internet ‘buzz’

JD Power have been measuring the online traffic moving back and forth for various automotive brands and have named 8 brands has having the best social media ‘buzz’.
Automotive News have the explanation:

Kia, Saab and Chrysler.
If you know what those brands have in common, you’re in tune with the latest in automotive marketing.
The three were among the marques that consumers buzzed most positively about over online social media, such as blogs, chat rooms and Facebook.
In its annual Franchise Assessment Review on Thursday, J.D. Power and Associates ranked eight brands as “excellent” for the positive online buzz they generated in 2009: Audi, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Porsche, Saab and Suzuki.

And if there’s a thought in this story that I could echo in all-caps, it would be this….

The industry has to acknowledge that this is an exploding voice of the consumer.

Hear, hear!
I know that Saab and Spyker have acknowledged the support they received from owners and fans of the brand in the lead up to the deal with General Motors. That campaign, and the others around it, generated momentum but efforts will need to be made to build that momentum into something more.
I really hope they’re giving this some serious thought and trust that they are. Your ideas about their online presence, as the consumers of the company’s products, should definitely receive full consideration.
Thanks to Aeropilot for the link.

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