Saab Saved Celebration – Luxembourg – DONE!

The Saab Support Convoy in Luxembourg took place over the weekend and they had their Saab Saved signs printed up quickly to replace the Save Saab signs they’d probably already prepared.
Poor conditions kept a few away, but they still had a good showing with 15 cars and more people in attendance through the day. The poor weather also kept the older cars under wraps, with the oldest in attendance being a 1986 Saab 900 2-door.
Attendees got a good look over the new Saab 9-5, too, as the event coincided with an open weekend for most dealers in Luxembourg.
Thanks to Marc for the photos and information, and congratulations to all you Luxembourgers!
Click to enlarge:
Both the Nashville and Memphis convoys scheduled for last weekend have been postponed due to poor conditions with snow and ice.
I assume the San Francisco event went ahead last Friday, but haven’t tracked down any information about that one yet.
Will get on to it in the morning.

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