Saab Spyker European Delivery Program potential — Licking my chops!!

I’m positively as giddy as a schoolgirl with anticipation.

It occurred to me while writing a comment on Swade’s last post that Saab will now have an opportunity to reinstate the European Delivery program that General Motors discontinued for good in 2008.

This is a double bonus from my point of view. First, Saab has historically had one of the best European delivery programs in the business. In round figures, a buyer picks the car up in Sweden after a night at one of the historic landmarks in Skane. A Saab training pro gives you a complete orientation on your new Saab and a tour of the factory and the Saab museum. You then have two weeks or so and an additional US$2000 to tour Europe in your brand-new Saab! You may then drop the car at one of the designated ports and fly home. Your Saab arrives at your dealership about a month later. I would expect no less from Saab this time around.

The potential second bonus just dawned on me: Spyker could also extend an invitation to visit their facilities and test drive a Spyker as a part of the deal. Would that not be amazing punctuation to your European dream vacation? Driving to the Netherlands in your new Saab only to transfer to a Spyker super car for your laps on the track? I’d say that’s a package!!! Even if it were optional or at slightly higher cost it would be worth it to me.

What else, if anything, would you want in such a package? Could this really get much better? Hmmm…. new Saab, trip to Sweden, visit the Saab museum, drive a Spyker. Nope, I can’t improve on that one. That would pretty much work for me. I guess that I could ask for a quick spin in UrSaab, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m sure that some of you have ideas, so comment away.

Footnote: For me, personally, this is the way to get my wife on board with the idea of buying a new 9-5. For her, buying a new car — meh. Getting a huge trip to Europe in the deal — she’s totally in.

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