Saab Spyker Press Conference Notes

Update: Video of the press conference available, you’ll have to click through to watch. (Thanks, Henrik and Freddy!)

I’m thinking that this entry will grow a great deal as new bits emerge from the press conference with Victor Muller and Jan Åke Jonssson after the formal, final sale of Saab by General Motors to Spyker Cars.


Here’s the first glimpse of the Saab Independence press conference. Offered by Swedish Radio via their website:


The Dutch luxury sports car maker Spyker has finalised the purchase of the Swedish car brand Saab. “The transfer of ownership took place at 4:30 pm on February 23,” Spyker said in a statement.

“This is a happy day for everybody who have got Saab in their hearts, both for me, the employees, the customers and the dealers,” Saab CEO Jan Åke Jonssson told reporters at a press conference in Stockholm on Tuesday.

And Spyker CEO Victor Muller said he was sure the new business plan would work and that he expects Saab to be selling “something to the north of” 100,000 cars. He talked of the importance of making customers understand that a Saab really is for the future. He said “Saab has lost a lot of its DNA over the last few years, we are going to get that back and produce Saab-saabs.”


Thanks to Henrik and Freddy in comments, you can watch the entire press conference (in English) at Click on the screenshot to watch the 21-minute video on that site. (Apparently embedding will not work for folks outside Sweden.)

vm and jaj press conference feb 23 2010.jpg

The Google translation of the accompanying notes:

The time 16:30 on Tuesday formally took over the Spyker Saab.
– This is a very happy day for anyone who has a weak point for Saab in their hearts. That includes me, our customers, vendors and others, “said a delighted Jan Åke Jonsson, Saab CEO at the press conference.

Everything was signed
– This afternoon, we completed the deal between Spyker and GM. When it does, we sing alloy loan guarantees by the EIB and guarantees from the Swedish Government.
– The full package was signed this afternoon. many papers and many signatures, so it took some time, said Jonsson.

Kicks off again
Now production in Trollhättan be launched as soon as possible.
– We look forward to re-start the business, sales and development of the Saab to the unique position that Saab has always had, “said Jonsson.

– We shall also the coming days to focus on how we will work to move forward. One of the most important things is to launch production, start selling cars and developing new, “said Jonsson.

Trist take over
Spykers CEO Victor Muller joked about how boring it was to take over Saab.
– Today was an interesting but very technical day. Actually quite boring, with so much paperwork, “said Muller.

New era begins
– But it is a start of a new era, the Spyker and the Saab. It’s almost unreal that it was only three months ago we met the first time in Detorit. It’s been a hard journey, but now Saab is safe. I am very proud of all those who worked so hard.

– From Saab’s side, people have worked hard for 15 months. From our side, we have worked hard for three months. We have been supported by the Swedish government, the European Investment Bank and all of Saab’s wonderful customers, they have been unprecedented. I hope that everyone in the meantime decided to not buy the Saab has changed.

New organization
Muller also said that Saab will get a new organization.
– There will be a company that stands on its own feet, “said Muller.
During the first 100 days will Saab Spyker to focus on to start building cars again.
– We want to demonstrate to the market that we are here to stay. We present three new cars the next 16 months. It is only the beginning. We will see more interesting new products. We look forward to developing new cars.

Stood up for Saab
Victor Muller also directed a special thanks to the Swedes.
– I want to thank the Swedes very much. Amazingly many people have stood up for Saab and demonstrated that Saab is a company worth preserving. The Swedes have preserved their own icon label. I am very grateful for that. I’m even more grateful if you buy Saab, of course, joking Muller before he began answering journalists’ questions.


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