Saab Support Convoy update

There are still a few Saab Support Convoys to come.
The Memphis convoy scheduled for last weekend was postponed until February 7, which is this weekend. I haven’t heard anything since to say whether it’s off or not, so I guess we’ll know if and when the pictures come in.
Good luck to all in Memphis.
The other convoy to get postponed last week was the one in Nashville being organised by Eggs. There was no definite re-scheduled date for that one, so I’m not sure if it’ll be this weekend or not.
I’m sure Eggs will jump in here and let people know (hint 🙂
There’s going to be a convoy here in Australia this weekend, with Saabers in Sydney getting together for a drive, some good food and photo opportunities.
If you’re a Sydneysider, the event is on Sunday, starting at 10am. All the details are here.
The Saab Support Convoy in Bucharest was held last weekend, on the 31st.
There were a fantastic 30 vehicles present at the celebration and it’s my pleasure to show the happy faces and brilliant cars below.
A few more photos from previous convoys…..
Have a look at this line of cars in Thailand, on their way to the airport.
A great shot that came through this week, from the Moscow Saab Support Convoy on the 17th.
And from a week ago, saving Saab on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco.
A convoy of 1 celebrating with a cool down in Egypt
And a Saab Spyker cake consumed at a recent Saab Saved Celebration in Bulgaria!

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