Saab Support Convoys – wrap up

With the final two reports coming in from Japan yesterday, I think we can say that the final Saab Support Convoys have been run and done. It’s been an absolutely amazing effort by everybody.
This whole movement began with an idea from two Dutch Saab nuts late in 2009. They hoped to get maybe 200 cars to participate in a show of support for Saab on January 17th. When the idea was first conceived, it was thought that Saab’s fate would have been decided well before that date.
As it turned out, Saab’s future was still in the balance and these convoys played a crucial role in demonstrating just how much support there was for Saab around the world.
Whilst the Dutch convoy was being planned for the 17th January, there was a GM Board meeting scheduled for the 7th January, so a gathering in Detroit was hastily planned for January 5th, primarily through and supported here at SU and by Jalopnik and other sites.
The media coverage generated by that event proved to be a catalyst for the organisation of other Saab Support Convoys around the world. The Dutch planners provided a vision and the Detroit gathering provided an example of what could be done.
What followed was an outpouring of support for a car company that has been described by several publications as being without precedent in the motoring industry.
In total, we’ve had over 70 Saab Support Convoys and by my reckoning, we’ve had nearly 6,100 vehicles and many, many more people involved in those convoys.
The full list that I’ve got recorded is as follows:

If I’m missing anyone, please let me know as I do want to keep a full record. The convoys are all recorded together over at the Saab Campaigns website.
This was an amazing time where, by coming together with a common cause, we all managed to play a part in Saab’s continuing history.
Congratulations to all who were involved.

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