Saab’s internet presence – what should it be?

There’s a comment in tonight’s site statistics post that I wanted to bring to the front page here because, quite naturally, it’s been something that’s been on my mind – for a number of years, in fact.

Good indeed, but this is just the start! We shall now concentrate on the future. How to collect all this enormous interest in SAAB and its future, how to generate as much power in making the new setup a success. There all friends we can make some impact on the car history helping SAAB out to the market and get the 100 000 cars sold out there! Are you ready? I am!

The essence of this – how do Saab capture and build on the enormous interest generated by the story of their sale?
It’s clear that there’s a big, engaged and motivated audience out there for Saab, so what do they need to do in order to turn those interested people (you, and others) into customers again?
First, of course, they’ve got to build product. This is the car industry we’re talking about and you can have all the hype, bells and whistles that you can buy, but at the end of the day it’s all about the product.
Then they need to market that product, and as I’ve believed for a long time now, the internet can play a large role in that task.
There should be no illusions about me writing this piece here on the site. Would I be interested in participating in such an exercise? Absolutely! I’ve always been interested in doing that.
This is a big area of interest for me as a blogger and I have a bunch of ideas about how Saab could build on the goodwill generated in the last few months. I’ve written about them numerous times in the past but one huge obstacle in implementing any of them was the GM corporate presence and culture. With that about to become a thing of the past, there’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Saab to step in at a time when there is already momentum there.
It’s up to Saab, however.
Victor Muller is a guy who understands marketing. The Spyker Cars website is true to the brand’s image, well presented and well organised. There’s even a spy-cam that can be used for customers to watch their car being assembled. Spyker owners have created a forum that whilst small in number, has a passionate following. These people love their brand.
Something as personal as a build-cam might be a bit more difficult at a bigger company like Saab, but that sort of personal approach is definitely the right direction. Create some engagement, some participation.
Studies have shown that Saab owners are more inclined to be interested in their cars and the company that builds them in comparison to the owners of other marques. Why not give them the facility to act on it, in direct contact with the organisation?
You’re the customer.
What would you like to see? What sort of presence would you be inclined to engage with and perhaps share with your friends and colleagues?

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