Spyker begin UK production in Coventry

A move that was set in motion some time prior to Spyker placing a bid for Saab has come to fruition today, with Spyker commencing production in Coventry, England.

Spyker Cars said its new 20,000sq ft plant at CPP Manufacturing in Whitley, Coventry, will help it to increase production levels and cut costs.
The relocation from Zeewolde in Holland, announced last November, is likely to create around 40 jobs in Coventry, lifting CPP’s workforce to 150.
Spyker’s founder Victor Muller and chairman Vladimir Antonov visited the Coventry site today with Brendan O’Toole, managing director of CPP.
Capable of turning out five Spyker Aileron supercars each week on one shift, the new plant was described by Mr Muller as a landmark in the car-maker’s history.
“This move makes sense on many different levels,” he said. “CPP has been producing our body panels for 10 years and we have an extremely close working relationship with the company.
“More than half our components are sourced from the UK, so moving here will bring us considerable efficiency savings, which is vital for a car company of our size.”

The BBC has a nice little photo gallery commemorating the occasion, and I’ve got to say that whilst the bright Spyker interiors left me reaching for my sunglasses a little, it all makes a lot more sense in basic black, a-la the C8 Laviolette LM85.
Dave R tells me that the region has quite a history in terms of vehicle manufacturing, with over 600 different companies – six hundred! – manufacturing vehicles of one sort or another there over the last century.
That’s history, though, with only London Taxis International in the area now, and Spyker, of course.

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